Why PearShaped?


It took me lots of deliberation to decide on a name that didn’t make me cringe. Firstly, Pear is sentimental to me as it was the name of my little house bunny (I’m not sure why, I was 2) I had from the age of 2 until I was 11. She lived in my room and taught me that love comes in all shapes and sizes. Secondly, although the stories in this blog are my experiences and things I love it is also to help everyone including myself, believe that even when you are struggling, you can do it. It’s okay to be PearShaped, it’s okay to feel PearShaped. My life has never been in the normal or easy category and however difficult that has made my life at times it has helped me become the person I am today and I am glad. I’ve been to amazing places and I have met amazing people. Although it has been PearShaped at times how many people can say that they have lived and worked in Sri-Lanka because they got drunk at a wedding and asked an owner of a billion-dollar company for a job. Don’t let what has happened to you define you, let it make you the person you want to be; grow don’t regret. Although you may see yourself as PearShaped, you are so much more than what people see. What I have learnt through my travels, jobs and partying is people have their own stories, troubles and lives. This is what shapes us into the people we are but also our decisions you are your own boss take responsibility for your actions and celebrate your successes. The most recent PearShaped period of my life so far was a couple of summers ago I’d broken up with my boyfriend at the same time as a close friend. We both felt lost and alone as well as relieved and clung to each other. She shared my bed and pretty much became my wife. We dealt with it by drinking and going out as much as we could, however much our bank accounts told us we couldn’t. We found a way. We shared a bed, my family and our feelings but most importantly a bond like I have with nobody else. I was working at a private school in Rochester as lower school admin, I hated it. I hated that it wasn’t creative, I hated that I didn’t feel I made a difference and I hated being alone for most of the day in a cold old building. For that period of my life it was to get paid and get out. I got made redundant in the middle of the summer, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. I used the money and bought a one-way ticket to Sri Lanka this was the start to a whole new chapter to both our lives.

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