It blossomed out of embarrassment.

it blossomed out of embarrissment picWe first met in a crappy bar/pub/restaurant one of those places you aren’t quite sure what they are or why you are there. I was in waiting for a friend along with one of our mutual friends. As soon as I saw him I fancied every bone in his 6”10 lanky blonde body, he was the first person that made me feel warm after a dreadful 2 yearlong “relationship” with someone that couldn’t love himself let alone love me. The next evening, we met as a group of friends for a comedy show (it wasn’t the best) that evening we got invited back to the women’s house who runs the show. It has to have been one of the weirdest nights of my life. We drunk copious amounts of some bubbly liquid that wasn’t over £5 a bottle. We got kicked out the house as people were in rooms they shouldn’t have been. Got accused of being disrespectful as James got animalistic with my said wife at the time (in why PearShaped) in an upstairs bedroom. The guy she had previously acted in this manor was basically crying on my shoulder. We stumbled back to her flat above the wine shop in a quite seaside town 5 minutes down the road from my family home. We drank more until we realised we needed sleep me and a new friend stumbled back to my house and fell asleep on the sofa watching guardians of the galaxy.
We were in the middle of the height of summer in our pretty seaside town all in a weird place. With my tickets booked to Sri Lanka my friend sharing my double bed as we had both just broken up with crappy boyfriends. Little did we know this summer would change our lives forever. That night started not only new friendships but it was also the best thing that ever happened to me. The months that followed that faithful night concluded of copious amounts of its always sunny in Philadelphia on my sofa with my big loveable smelly lab cross Dalmatian Alfie and James. We were friends for months he was shy, I didn’t think he was interested. I had previously made a drunken pass at him after 2 bottles of wine on the beach with my BFG, he declined my lunge I didn’t even know I made as I spend the rest of the night chucking my guts up in the toilet. That weekend the only thing a year that happens in Whitstable was happening The Oyster Festival. We had some drinks at my house and smoked joints in my garden. Until we headed down to the harbour to see goldie in a huge white sole less tent that everyone was hyped about as NOTHING ever happens in our pretty little town. James was so wasted after he told everyone about my drunken pass I then found out I made from one of his friends. He was throwing up bubbles he had downed and into the sea from the edge of the harbour. I sulked home, in embarrassment and shame. I continued to receive calls from his friends phone (he had broken his on another night out) he asked to come over, he apologised, I said nothing and turned my phone off. We didn’t talk about that night again, it became irrelevant.
Tell me one of your most embarrassing rejections, how did it turn out?

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