About Me

I’m 23 I live in London in an ex council house that we pay awful rates for and have to live with five other people in a three-bed house one of those people my 6 10” boyfriend to my 5” nothing. I spent my childhood growing up in north London where in my 10-year-old eyes everything was brilliant until I was moved to a small sea side town where everyone is white with little ambition (as I have grown up I now love it and realise less pollution in my lungs is probably a good thing). Throughout my childhood I spent time in and out of a wheelchair and on and off crutches, due to a disability in my lower right leg. Through my young adult and teenage life, I have had various jobs, boyfriends, friends, drunken mistakes as well as living and travelling different countries mostly in Asia (classic I know, but I wouldn’t say I “found myself”). This blog is my life, advice, books and quite honestly so I can make money from home and not be in pain in a job I despise. you will find stories from me and stories I have read. one of my main goals for this blog it to inspire people with my stories of life to realise you are so much more than the body you are in, be yourself, always.
Chloe Shimmon.